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SUPER STONE     Load Bearing High Density Permeable Paving

Rockpave's Super Stone high density permeable paving system bears the heaviest loads over the longest time periods. This product can be used for your small or large residential home jobs, and for very large or smaller scale commercial or public works projects. The Super Stone surface is perfect for areas that require heavy duty load bearing: driveways, entrance ways, courtyards, parking lots, and all public works needs. It's ideal for paths bearing heavier loads or a lot of traffic. City municipality managers looking for the highest quality porous paving systems testify that this product is the best, completely customizable solution. We'll be happy to discuss all the metrics and benefits of our product with you. Call today. Note: this is a viable alternative to pavers. Call us today.

Rockpave works with all contractors and installers for our systems in all SF Bay Area counties. Alameda. Contra Costa. San Jose. San Mateo. Marin. Napa. Sonoma.

The following are the color choices of aggregate that Rockpave offers (click images to enlarge):

Black Diamond spacer Cantina Pink   Cobblestone   Coral
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Dark   Golden Pearl   Green Onyx   Green Quartz
thumbnail   thumbnail   thumbnail   thumbnail
Lapis   Mocha   Multi Color Flint
thumbnail   thumbnail   thumbnail   thumbnail
Oklahoma Rainbow   Ozark Brown   Red Jasper   Red Onyx
thumbnail   thumbnail   thumbnail   thumbnail
Sea Foam   Turquoise   White Pearl    
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SuperStone brings you a bold stone finish for exterior concrete or asphalt overlays or full depth permeable pavements. It is known as being the best product for applications such as pedestrian paths, driveways, carparks, courtyards and entrance ways. Extraordinary load bearing strength and flexibility is achieved through the optimum combination of aggregate size and specially formulated resin. SuperStone is available in a wide variety of natural, river washed and contemporary colored tones to offer the right “look” for all architectural styles. Further design effects can be achieved through combining colors and introducing other materials such as CrystalPave™. SuperStone uses our unique Rockpave binder technology for incomparable UV stability, flexibility, durability and strength.



Give us a call to talk over at length how our high density products can best fulfill the requirements of your residential, commercial or public works project. All installers are well trained and certified by Rockpave.

San Jose. San Francisco. Oakland. Fremont. Hayward. Sunnyvale. Concord. Santa Clara. Berkeley. Daly City. San Bruno. San Mateo. Santa Rosa. South San Francisco. Antioch. Concord. Walnut Creek. Alameda. San Rafael. Novato. Petaluma. Napa. Mill Valley. Tiburon. Ross. Kentfield.

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