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For the best quality natural stone paving (alternative to pavers) or pavement products to install in all residential, commercial or municipal city public paving or paver needs, please view our 4 product pages, and call us. If you’re seeking aesthetically attractive, strong, durable, flexible stone that can be worked into any design or surface requirements, you’ve come to the right place.

Rockpave works with contractors and installers in all SF Bay Area counties. San Francisco. Alameda. Contra Costa. San Jose. San Mateo. Marin. Napa. Sonoma.

What is Rockpave?

Rockpave is a range of contemporary natural stone and colored recycled glass flooring and paving systems for both interior and exterior applications. It uses unique resin technology to bind specially selected natural and recycled glass pebbles, troweled to form a seamless durable surface.

Where can I get it?

Rockpave is located in Northern California. It is available through a network of skilled contractors. Call Rockpave USA for details of suitable local installers.

Is it expensive?

No, Rockpave is usually installed at similar or lower rates to other paving systems such as tiles, pavers, or exposed aggregate concrete. Call Rockpave USA for a budget estimate of your project based on the color, area, size and design thickness required.

Is a warranty available?

Yes, most Rockpave installers will offer a comprehensive installation warranty based around the particular design and purpose of the surface. Discuss the warranty available with your installer.

What is the difference between FlowStone™, SuperStone, StoneCarpet and CrystalPave™?

All Rockpave systems are a variation on a theme designed for a specific application or function. It is important to note, however, that it is perfectly possible to use StoneCarpet externally and SuperStone internally as the same resin is used for all systems.

In brief the four systems are categorized as follows:

  • FlowStone™ - Typically a larger 6-8mm pebble designed for maximum porosity in permeable applications.

  • StoneCarpet - Typically a smaller 4-6mm (or smaller) pebble for a tighter surface finish, suitable for interior floors.

  • SuperStone - A design blend of aggregate sizes for maximum density and load bearing strength in most exterior applications.

  • CrystalPave™ - A recycled, tumbled glass surface for a unique, dramatic and colorful finish. Also suitable for backlighting to stunning effect.

Can I drive on it?

Yes, all Rockpave surfaces are suitable for vehicular traffic when installed to the correct specification for purpose.

Is it permeable? Why permeable?

Yes, all Rockpave systems are permeable when applied over a permeable substrate. The degree and speed of permeability is determined by the pebble/ void size of the surface. FlowStone™ is the Rockpave system designed for maximum permeability. By keeping your surfaces permeable, you are allowing the water to naturally run back into the water table. Water run off is eliminated, helping to mitigate the environmental impact.

Where it is laid over an impermeable substrate, such as concrete, the Rockpave system would be best described as self draining, as the water would be absorbed into the surface and flow to falls within the Rockpave overlay.

How can I keep it clean?

Rockpave surfaces are extremely simple and practical surfaces to keep clean. Pressure washing exterior surfaces and vacuum or steam mop interior floors for the best results. Customers should refer to the Rockpave Care and Maintenance Guide issued with the warranty for details.

Will it deform or go soft in hot weather?

No, once the Rockpave resin has cured, it cannot re-plasticize such as asphalt in hot weather. This makes it an ideal exterior surface where point loading or unraveling is an issue.

Does it get hot in summer?

Rockpave can often feel a little cooler underfoot than adjacent concrete, asphalt or timber surfaces due to the air void between the stones. Lighter colors will also reflect heat more efficiently.

Is it cold underfoot in winter?

Conversely, Rockpave can often feel a little warmer underfoot in winter than adjacent tiles or concrete etc. because of the insulating effect of the air voids.

Can it use recycled materials?

Yes, Rockpave can be used with a variety of recycled materials such as glass, crushed bricks and tiles and plastics and non corroding metals.

Where are the pebbles sourced?

Rockpave standard range of aggregates are sourced exclusively from North and Central America under strict environmental guidelines and quota systems from sustainable land quarries of old stream routes.

"Over time there is a change in the routes that streams take as they flow to the sea. This leaves behind deposits of sand, rocks and pebbles that can be quarried from dry land without damaging existing streams or disturbing the landscape"
—Sustainable Gardening Australia

Rockpave designer range of aggregate is a by product of small scale American granite and marble dimension stone quarrying.

CrystalPave is manufactured exclusively from recycled glass.

Is it "sustainable"?

Rockpave is possibly the most environmentally sustainable paving system available.

All materials sourced are recycled or from sources with minimal impact on the environment. Resins are solvent free and non hazardous.

Wherever possible, bulk freight shipping is by rail or by sea; and locally sourced aggregates are optimized by region to further minimize freight handling and carbon emissions.

Installation requires nothing more than a humble concrete mixer and hard work without the need of water, heavy machinery or automation associated with concrete and bitumen paving. Rockpave pavements do not produce any hazardous "run off" toxins often associated with new bitumen and exposed concrete finishes which can enter the waterway systems and poison aquatic life.

Rockpave systems are permeable and ideal for water harvesting systems or simply helping the hydration of adjacent vegetation.



Can it be applied over concrete?

Yes, all Rockpave systems can be applied over concrete without the need for control joints. Concrete is generally the most economical substrate to re-surface as less material is generally needed.

Can it be applied over bitumen/asphalt?

Yes, all Rockpave systems can be applied over asphalt. The depth, texture and condition of the asphalt will determine the suitable applied thickness required.

Can it be applied over crushed rock or roadbase?

Yes, all Rockpave systems can be applied full depth over a suitably designed and installed crushed rock substrate. This is generally a more expensive option than concrete or asphalt as it requires to be installed at pavement depths (typically 30mm) with Fibregrid reinforcement.

Can it be applied over wood floors or decks?

Yes, Rockpave can be laid in a similar fashion to tiles using fixed cement sheeting over wood floors as a stable substrate. StoneCarpet is typically laid at 8-10mm in these applications.

Can it be applied around pools?

Yes, Rockpave systems are suitable for application around pools. The unique porous nature of the surface is also beneficial in dispersing surface water to reduce slipping accidents.

Can I apply it myself?

Rockpave requires good troweling skills for best results therefore we generally discourage homeowners from self installing unless they are experienced or confident in their own skills. In these circumstances we require self installers to attend a one day training course before materials can be supplied.

Can it be used for Water Sensitive Urban Design? (WSUD)

Yes, Rockpave is the ideal surface for all Water Sensitive Urban Designed pavements.

Can my driveway or footpath form part of the permeable footprint of a site development to meet local planning regulations?

Yes, Rockpave is being increasingly specified as a suitable permeable pavement to satisfy local planning regulations.

Our natural stone products give you an aesthetically beautiful and very customizable alternative to stone pavers. Please call us today to talk over your needs. All installers are trained and certified by Rockpave.

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