Permeable Tree Pit Surrounds

Trees bring a bit of life and greenery to urban landscapes, but providing a home for them can be tricky when they’re surrounded by concrete and paving slabs. The solution? Rockpave’s permeable tree pit surrounds allow the tree pit to fit seamlessly into an urban environment, while still allowing the tree to receive the water and nutrients it needs to grow and thrive. Rockpave is used to cap the top of tree pits closest to their roots and base for both curb appeal and the longevity of protection—while still allowing the trees to grow effortlessly.

For Both New and Existing Tree Pits

Rockpave can be used on either new or established trees. For new trees, we install an enlarged metal collar around the trunk of the tree to support and protect the initial growth stage. As the tree grows, it pushes the collar up, allowing this inner circle to be replaced with permeable tree pit surrounds. With mature trees we will pave right up to the base of the roots. Our process provides the room necessary for the roots to grow, all while maintaining a visibly appealing display.

A More Durable Option

Rockpave’s resin-bound paving is also a better alternative to using metal grates which may need replacement or be a cause for accidents. Metal grates are a potential hazard to the general public and often lead to city lawsuits. Rockpave’s permeable pavement lessens the chance for lawsuits against the city, while providing a safer environment to the community.

What Are Tree Pits?

Historically, tree pits have been nothing more than a hole in the ground—deep enough to accommodate the roots—with grille-type covers meant to protect the soil around a tree but still allow the tree access to moisture and air. While straightforward in theory, it can be costly and inefficient in practice. Instead, Rockpave uses permeable paving materials that allow water to drain down into the roots with ease, allowing the tree to get oxygen.

The Benefits of Resin-Bound Tree Pit Surrounds

The biggest benefits of choosing Rockpave resin-bound tree pit surrounds are that they’re very eco-friendly in addition to being incredibly effective. The permeability allowing water to return to the earth lessens the amount of water that simply runs off and flows into the sewer or pools in the street. The production of permeable paving materials is also less resource- and pollution-intensive than creating metal grilles that collect debris and eventually lift up, creating a tripping hazard.

Another benefit is that Rockpave tree pit surrounds are simply more aesthetically pleasing. Permeable paving materials look sleek, modern, and natural for the cleanest appearance possible. Contact us today with questions about your tree pit needs.

Give us a call to talk over at length how our high density products can best fulfill the requirements of your residential, commercial or public works project. All installers are well trained and certified by Rockpave.

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Permeable Tree Pit Surrounds